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Tax Deductions When You Need Them

Tax Deductions When You Need Them

As a professional or business owner your annual income may vary.

You'll find that you have years with income bulges. Time charitable gifts to help you in high tax years.

Certain charitable gifts let you get a deduction when you need it most and distribute the funds when you see groups you want to support.

PFA can help you plan for the highs and the lows giving you tax advantages through charitable donations.

Reduce Tax Liability At Any Age

Reduce Tax Liability At Any Age

Throughout your life you’ll be able to utilise different financial techniques to reduce your taxable income.

Once you start drawing down retirement assets, you can include charitable gifts from these assets to help you reduce your taxable income. This can benefit you in several ways and is even available when you no longer itemize deductions.

Working with PFA you'll be able to donate to give back and save at a time that's right for you.

Your Family Can Benefit Too

Your Family Can Benefit Too

Giving charitable gifts can benefit both your family and the charity you want to support.

These types of gifts often require more complex techniques where you are making bigger gifts. There are also options to make charitable gifts a part of your estate plan.

PFA can help you leave a legacy that will benefit not only your family but also others who need help.