Retirement Planning Services

We Do The Hard Work, So You Can Enjoy Retirement

Our Approach To Retirement Planning:

Retirement planning starts with a number and should end in your happiness. While planning starts by assessing how much you must have saved to be able to retire comfortably, it’s just as important to paint a picture of your perfect retirement. Our retirement planning specialist will sit down with you to assess your current financial situation and to understand exactly how you imagine your life post retirement. We want you to discover how you can best afford the travel, a weekend house, or other extras that can make retirement more exciting.

Once we have your personal and financial objectives and understand your current financial situation we’ll be able determine your ‘retirement number’.

From there, we work with you to begin saving for retirement and will implement and manage an investment portfolio specific to your retirement goals.

What You Can Expect:

Retirement planning combines aspects of wealth management, personal and family risk management and tax minimization strategies. We want to make your money work hard rather than only you working hard. Our retirement strategy may include looking at:

  • Moving assets into an IRA account from your employer's plan.
  • For defined benefit plans - helping you evaluate the best benefit option from the menu your employer makes available.
  • Assistance with budget projections so you can manage your resources and still realize some dreams.
  • Providing guidance in evaluating products such as long term care insurance. *We don't sell insurance or any other products.

With Paulo Financial Advisors you have a say in your retirement future.

If you have questions or want to talk to a retirement planning specialist you can call us at 718 370 3464.